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Article 13. Energy auditing agency, energy auditor

13.1. Energy auditing agency and energy auditor shall operate their activities on bases of accreditation.

13.2. Energy auditing is regulated by regulation under Clause 9.1.9.a.

13.3. Energy auditing agency and energy auditor shall have the following rights:

        13.3.1. Obtain necessary explanations and materials related with auditing from the designated consumers;

        13.3.2. Make recommendations and conclusions on energy auditing requested by citizens, companies and organizations;

        13.4. Energy auditing agency and energy auditor shall have the following obligations:

        13.4.1. Calculate, analyze and conclude energy consumption of the designated consumers;

        13.4.2. Make economic efficiency and technical feasibility proposals to the designated consumers;

        13.4.3. Explain the grounds for a given recommendation and/or conclusion upon request by designated consumers;

Article 14. Energy Service Company

14.1.Energy service company shall operate the following activities related with promotion of efficient use of energy on bases of accreditation.

14.2. Energy service company shall provide professional services to the designated consumers by a contract;

14.3. Energy service company shall invest and take the full responsibility of the risk during providing energy efficient services;

Article 15. Energy manager

15.1. Energy manager is certified to ensure their rights;

15.2. Energy manager shall have the following rights and obligations:

       15.2.1. Comply with the priorities identified by the Conservation Council;

       15.2.2. Responsible for organizing and implementing the plan of the designated consumers related with their energy conservation and efficient use of energy;

       15.2.3. Responsible for monitoring the energy conservation activities of the designated consumers;

       15.2.4.Report on their activities to the Conservation Council annually;

       15.2.5.Participate in specialization trainings organized by the Conservation Council;