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Full Powers of the Energy Conservation Council



Article 8. Energy Conservation Council

8.1. Duties of the Energy Conservation Council shall be to regulate and implement policies on energy conservation statewide (hereinafter referred to as “Conservation Council”) under the direction of Energy Regulatory Commission;

8.2. On the structure of the Energy Regulatory Commission, there is a specialized units, who is responsible for implementing energy efficiency policies;

Article 9. Full Powers of the Energy Conservation Council

9.1. The Energy Conservation Council shall exercise the following full powers:

         9.1.1. Facilitate the implementation of the state policy and legislation on energy conservation at the national level;

         9.1.2 . Formulate national program related with energy conservation;

         9.1.3. Responsible for obtaining annual performance and report of the desinated consumers on energy consumption;

         9.1.4. Register designated consumers;

         9.1.5. Issue, suspend and cancel an accreditation for energy auditing agencies and energy service companies;

         9.1.6.  Issue a license for energy auditors and energy managers;

         9.1.7. Take all measures necessary to create database and awareness, and disseminate information for efficient use of energy and its conservation, and advertise 

                  the same;  

         9.1.8. Organize training and specializing energy auditors and energy conservation managers;

  9.1.9. Conversation Council shall organize to formulate following regulations;

        9.1.9.a. Regulations related to energy auditing activities under Clause 13.3. and Clause13.4

        9.1.9.b.Regulations for accreditation procedures and requirements of the energy service company and energy auditing agency

        9.1.9.c. Regulations for training energy auditors and managers; regulations relating to the issuing, amending and revoking an accreditation;

        9.1.9.d. Regulations for classification, grading, labeling and monitoring of the energy powered goods, such as machinery, electronic equipment, home appliances, by their energy usage;

       9.1.9.e. Regulations for specifying and registering designated consumers, regulations for methodology of the formulating and submitting its programs; for annual implementation plan and its reporting procedures related with energy conservation for the designated consumers;

      9.1.9.f. Other applicable rules and regulations;

      9.1.10. Prepare annual report of the implementation of the energy conservation policy, and submit a copy thereof to the Cabinet;

      9.1.11. Resolveany dispute related with energy professional services in accordance with their jurisdiction;

9.2. Energy Conservation Council can be carried out its full powers specified in Clause9.1.7, 9.1.8 by non-governmental organizations.